Two men sitting at a table facing one another. A guide dog lays beside the man on the left. The man on the left is receiving a demonstration of the OrCam device.


To the Tools for Living® Store, providing the tools you need to be independent...

Welcome to The Chicago Lighthouse's Tools for Living® store! Whatever your vision needs, you will find products here to help, from simple tools for daily living to the latest in electronic assistive technology. Shop online, or visit us at one of our two locations to be assessed for the tools which will help you be independent.

All sales help to support The Lighthouse's mission of serving the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities. Founded on the principles of equality, independence and dignity for all, The Chicago Lighthouse has served as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the blind and visually impaired communities of Chicago since 1906.
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Clover 6
Explore 12
IrisVision Inspire
OrCam MyEye PRO
$4,250.00  $3,750.00
Free Shipping
OrCam Read
$1,990.00  $1,740.00
Free Shipping
OxSight Onyx
Smart Reader HD
WeWalk Smart Cane
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