Acrobat HD LCD CCTV from Enhanced Vision
The image shows the Acrobat LCD HD from the front at an angle. On the screen is seen a white background with the words 'Acrobat HD' on the screen in black

Acrobat HD LCD CCTV from Enhanced Vision

Price: $2,295.00
Product Number:ST-

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See near, far and everything in between with the Acrobat HD low vision aid. Featuring a 3-in-1 Sony HD low vision magnifying camera with a 20?, 22”, 24”, or 27” high resolution HD LCD producing maximum picture detail for clear, vivid color display, the Acrobat HD low vision product is the perfect solution giving you flexibility for any task.

The adjustable arm, tilting screen, and rotating capability allows the low vision magnification camera to be positioned at any angle for optimal viewing. A built in handle allows for easy transport.

By simply rotating the low vision camera you can magnify images in the distance. Use this  CCTV low vision product to view presentations, paperwork, even work on crafts and hobbies. The Acrobat HD low vision aid is ideal for work, school or home and is easily transported. It’s our most flexible low vision product solution for reading, writing or viewing magnified images at any distance. Use it up close like a mirror for applying make-up or other personal grooming.

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