Become an Affiliate

The Chicago Lighthouse is a leader in providing tools and devices to help people with vision loss remain independent! Join the Tools for Living Store™ Affiliate Program and start serving people with vision loss while generating revenue through your website!


1) Free to join! There are no fees to become an affiliate, simply sign up and start generating revenue!

2) 8% commission on any sales means the more people buy, the more you get!

3) Commission earned on every product on our website, with no minimum sale

4) Easy to get set up and start generating revenue as soon as you are approved

Where do I Sign Up?

Follow this link! Once we have received your information we will review it contact you via email if your application is successful.

Once approved, we will send you links to our website which you can place on your website. Whenever someone follows the link and makes a purchase they are tracked and you are credited with the sale. Every quarter you will receive a commission check!

Track orders which have come through your website with the online tracking tool, and monitor statistics to get the best sales results!


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