Big Blue Keyboard
Big Blue Keyboard

Big Blue VisionBoard

Price: $129.95
Product Number:ST-CC-429
Trying out a new app, searching the Internet, and typing on the glass screen of an iPad can be challenging for people with a vision or dexterity impairment. BigBlu, Chester Creek’s Bluetooth large key keyboard, gives people of all ages and abilities renewed independence to pursue a wider range of digital activities independently, and with greater ease and control. The large bold font – nearly 250% larger than on standard keyboards - means less eye fatigue when straining to locate keys on a standard keyboard. The big, 1” keys and a subtle key click to confirm each keystroke can be a lifesaver for people with significant dexterity impairments caused by injury, stroke, or arthritis, and the like. The dongle connects via a free USB port on your computer, and allows you to connect the keyboard easily and conveniently. BigBlu is available with big white keys and bold black lettering with oval F-keys. Because we are as concerned about safety as much as you, all of our large-key keyboards have “key locks” to prevent easy removal of the keys. Size: 19'' x 1.5'' x 7'' Environmental: RoHS & CPSIA Compliant Operating System: PC Compatibility: Windows 98SE- and higher; Mac OS 10.1.5 and higher Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 (micro USB Bluetooth receiver available for purchase for devices without Bluetooth installed) Battery life: 90+ days; Includes 2-AAA batteries Patent Pending Case Quantity: 10 Part # BBV 6 Year Warranty for in-home use

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