New CCTV Review - The Vario 16 FHD from Eschenbach

Posted by Luke Scriven on 5/16/2019
Getting a new electronic magnifier (CCTV) is always a time to celebrate, and we just recently got our hands on the latest from Eschenbach - the Vario 16 FHD. This little guy is great for people on the move, and features the same innovative features as Eschenbach's Visolux XL FHD. Let's see how this device shapes up!

First things first - this CCTV is a foldable unit, something which has become more popular in recent years. This means you can fold it away when you're not using it, making it great for people with limited space, or those who want something they can move from place to place. The benefit to this design is its portability, the downside is the smaller screen size - 16 inches in this case, as compared to larger units such as the Acrobat HD Ultra which has a 27" screen. The Vario is very easy to fold away, and has an integrated handle, making it perfect for carrying from place to place. 

The Vario 16 FHD has simple controls laid out across the front of the screen, including things you would expect, such as magnification and alternate high-contrast color modes, a 'find' feature and the power switch. Also accessible from the front panel is something that isn't always an option, and that is line markers. These can help you keep track of the sentence you're reading as you read, and are especially beneficial to people who need larger levels of magnification. Another unusual feature of the Vario 16 FHD is buttons located on the side which allow you to pan over a document without having to move the document itself. This was also available on the handheld Visolux XL FHD, and it's really neat to see it on the Vario as well. 

So how about the image quality? Well, the FHD in the name Vario 16 FHD stands for Full High-Definition, also known as 1080p. What this means in laymen's terms is a very clear image at all magnifications! Whether you need only limited magnification with contrast enhancement, or a much larger size, the Vario 16 FHD can handle it and will look good. 

In conclusion, the Vario 16 FHD is a nice little addition to the CCTV market, with some unique features that make it stand out from the competition. If you needs something portable, but want a larger screen than a traditional handheld can provide, this could be the perfect device for you. And of course, it is available to try at The Chicago Lighthouse. Call Luke at 312-997-3649 to schedule a demo today. 

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