eSight Price Drop!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 1/10/2019
eSight has been a leader in bringing electronic wearable technology to people with a visual impairment, but their devices have always been out of reach for some because of their price. Now, with the low vision wearable market getting more competitive every day, eSight have risen to the challenge and made a huge cut to the price of their eSight 3 device!

eSight 3 is a wearable device featuring unique features that can enhance the vision of people with a number of eye diseases, but particularly those with central vision loss resulting from diseases like macular degeneration. eSight works through the use of a camera, which is mounted on the front of a visor which the user wears. Inside the visor are video screens that the user looks into, seeing whatever is projected through the camera. Users can then manipulate the image through contrast enhancement, magnification, high-contrast color modes and more. 

eSight has some great features that other wearables can't match, including 'bioptic tilt' which allows the device to be worn while walking, making it great for mobility. You can also connect your cable box directly into the device and see the image right on the screens inside the visor making it a great device for entertainment! You can see eSight here and check out our video here!

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