BrailleNote Apex QT32 (windows style keyboard)
BrailleNote Apex QT32 (windows style keyboard)

BrailleNote Apex QT32 (windows style keyboard)

Price: $6,379.00
Product Number:ST-06-APQT32NA

Every mPower BrailleNote and VoiceNote model now gives you instant access to each of the following applications:

Word Processing: Create, edit and store documents, convert them to Braille or a range of mainstream text formats including Microsoft Word, print or emboss any document, translate between Braille and text

Bluetooth & WiFi: Connet to the internet via WiFi or a Bluetooth cellphone. Access your wireless network and share files, surf the web, download emails and use Bluetooth to connect with a wireless QWERTY keyboard, sync wirelessly with your PC or print. * WiFi connectivity via optional CompactFlash card

Enhanced Media Player: Listen to a wide range of audio formats including MP3, Windows Media and AV. Put them all together in a playlist for continuous listening. Listen to audio books, internet radio or music while emailing, surfing the web or reading. Play and pause audio even when you're not in the Media Player.

Voice Memos: Use the built-in microphone or an external microphone of your choice to make voice recordings. Play back the last memo you recorded from anywhere in KeySoft with a single key press.

Web Brower: Surf the net - do research, online shopping, banking and research via a dial-up (including Bluetooth mobile), wireless or Ethernet network.

E-Mail: Send and receive emails with attachments, store addresses, create folders. Supports standard POP3 e-mail services

Daily Planner: Schedule single or reccuring appointments and set reminder alarms and synchronise with MS Outlook's Calendar

Address List: Store and organize your contact information, look up an address quickly and simply, paste it into a document or email, synchronize with MS Outlook's Contacts.

Book Reader: Read e-books in standard Braille or text format, in any grade of Braille you choose

Stopwatch: Keeps track of time passing while you do other tasks

Scientific Calculator: Make complex mathematical calculations, insert the answer into an email or document

Visual Display: Connect to a video display for real-time translation and viewing by sighted observers, peers or teachers

On-line help: Context sensitive help and fully indexed user guide are available at the touch of a key.

Activesync: Enables you to connect your PC to share or synchronize files

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