Brainport V100
The Brainport is seen on a table. A pair of dark grey shades with a small camera built into the bridge are connected to a control panel the size of a smartphone+.

Brainport V100

Price: $7,999.00
Not for Sale
Product Number:ST-BRAINPORT

The Brainport V100 is designed as a visual aid for people who are blind. Using a unique intra-oral device, a user is able to 'see' images using their tongue! A video camera mounted on a pair of sunglasses transmits the image that is is seeing to the intra-oral device, which is placed in the user's mouth on the tongue. The intra-oral device then converts the image from the camera into electrical impulses on the user's tongue, essentially drawing the image on the tongue and allowing the user to 'see' it.  

This device requires an evaluation to assess suitability. Call Meesa Maeng at 312-447-3233 to schedule, or email [email protected]

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