Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Believe it or not the best option for a cell phone is a smartphone!

In particular the iPhone has proven to be extremely helpful for people who are blind or visually impaired. There are several features already built into smartphones to make them accessible to people with a vision impairment such as screen magnification, screen reading, contrast enhancement, large fonts and more. There is also the added benefit of using your smartphone as a magnification device and downloading many useful vision impairment apps, for example an app that can read printed text aloud to you! And don’t forget, Siri is able to make a call or text for you just by asking!

Have a new smartphone but don't know how to use it? We offer training at our facility for $35/hr and training in your home for $60/hr if you find yourself needing one-on-one assistance with one of our technologists. 

If you would like a list of useful apps for smartphones, email store@chicagolighthouse.org and we will send you an attachment with up to date apps.

We understand that not everyone has the money or energy for a smartphone. If you are one of those people you may want to consider a simpler solution by checking out https://www.greatcall.com/ to see large print cell phones or a phone that can connect you to an urgent response operator.

We hope this helps!

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