Ex-Demo Eye-pal ACE
The Eye-Pal ACE read aloud device is shown with text on its in-built screen

Ex-Demo Eye-pal ACE

On sale $795.00
Retail Price:$2,995.00
Your Savings:$2,200.00(73%)
Product Number:ST-ACE

Please note, this is an ex-demo device and the battery no longer holds a charge so it must be used while plugged in. 

Scanner and Reader

The Eye-Pal® Ace is  easy-to-use reader for individuals who have difficulty reading printed text. Read your books, letters, food packages, and prescriptions with one press of a button. Use our exclusive AudioMinder features to display a large clock, set an alarm, and get an appointment reminder.

The Eye-Pal Ace has a built-in screen to display photos, magnify small objects, and enlarge text. This lightweight product weighs only 3.5 pounds and is Braille-display compatible. The ergonomic design makes it easy to read a book on the couch, go through a menu at a restaurant, fill out a form at the doctor's office, and accomplish a multitude of other tasks. Stay independent with Eye-Pal Ace. Accurately and instantly scan, read, and magnify text

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