Humanware Prodigi Desktop CCTV 20"
The image shows a woman in a purple sweater sat in front of the Prodigi screen, both seen in profile. On the Prodigi screen can be seen an image of a cat drawn in colorful crayon.

Humanware Prodigi Desktop CCTV 20"

Price: $1,595.00
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Product Number:ST-HWARE-478

Financing may be available for those who qualify

The Prodigi Desktop is the first Personal Vision Assistant with Touch and Tap controls and Diamond Edge Text. With magnification from 1.2x to 20x, users can select from a wide variety of enhanced contrast options with Touch and Tap™ controls on a 20" or 24" LCD screen.

Prodigi has no confusing knobs and dials, and no clumsy X/Y table. Its Touch and Tap TM controls are easy to learn and hard to forget. Just place your document and tap to zoom in and start reading with your preset magnification, enhanced contrast and reading mode.

Prodigi's Diamond Edge Text TM can be magnified infinitely without compromising image quality. See images in full color and Diamond Edge Text in enhanced contrast! Or enjoy effortless reading with Prodigi’s many reading modes and smooth flowing text that you can magnify, speed up, slow down or even go back, all without moving your page. And Prodigi can even read aloud if you prefer to sit back and listen!

The Prodigi Desktop model was designed to be a tremendous value, but does not have a portable unit included. Please refer to the Prodigi Duo 2-in-1 model, or the Prodigi Tablet if you require portability.

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