IRIS Vision
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IRIS Vision

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IRIS vision electronic glasses revolutionize the wearables market by using consumer VR technology and building a low vision platform around it. Utilizing a high-quality Samsung VR headset and phone, IRIS vision provides advanced features to manipulate magnification, contrast, ambient light, the size and shape of the magnified image and more! Built on an Android platform, IRIS vision is highly upgradeable protecting it from obsolescence and allowing for new features to be added through simple software upgrades. 

With IrisVision you can:
  • See faces and expressions of friends, family members, children, grandchildren or infants
  • Join in on a conversation with a room full of people
  • Ride in the car and view scenery, road signs and other attractions
  • Read food labels, medication bottles or items on the shelf, go grocery shopping
  • Read the thermostat on the wall, appliance dials and digital readouts while standing several feet away
  • Prepare meals and cook at a normal distance
  • Go to a museum or art gallery
  • Play cards and see both the cards on the table and the cards in your hand on the same screen using the bubble
  • View a play or a concert while at the same time read the playbill
  • Take IrisVision when you go for a walk, you’ll never know for sure what you might encounter
  • Plan a trip to a place that you have never seen
  • Enjoy a dimly lit area as you boost the brightness, like a history museum or nature area
  • People have done well fishing with the IrisVision, others fix their cars now without help
  • Read a magazine or book while sitting in a comfortable chair
  • Do a crossword or word find puzzle
  • Be able to look at your watch, look at your smart phone
  • Read on a tablet, iPad or computer, even a small laptop screen
  • Watch the expression on the face of your dog or cat
  • Stand in the sunlight viewing your yard or scenery with no discomfort or glare
  • Work in the garden
  • Inspect the outside of your home for wear and tear, look for weeds in your lawn or how high the grass is growing
  • Watch your children or grandchildren play Little League or Soccer
  • Enjoy going to a picnic or outdoor event
  • Watch the birds enjoy your bird-feede
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