Image of the Reveal 16 Magnifying a crossword
Image of the Reveal 16 Magnifying a crossword

Reveal 16

Price: $3,295.00
Product Number:ST-REVEAL16

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The Reveal 16 is an easy-to-use foldable electronic magnifier, with a 10x optical zoom camera for great image quality. Featuring a simple 4 button control panel, the Reveal 16 is ideal for younger children and seniors. When you're ready to go, the Reveal 16 is ready to go with you, folding away to a small size for portability. 

With its rotating camera, the Reveal 16 is great for both close up and distance viewing. Need to see the board? No Problem! Swivel the camera and you're good to go. Want to watch the birds out the window? Reveal 16 can do it! Swivel the camera and point it toward the bird feeder. 

With the optional battery, Reveal 16 becomes as portable as you need it to be, making it your essential device for when you're on the move. It's time to Reveal your true potential. 

Functional specifications
1x – 10x optical magnification
1x – 45x digital magnification
Adjustable 16-inch HD screen
Polarized led lights
Large, contrasted control buttons
Document overview option
Customizable: color schemes (17), brightness, auto or manual focus, lines and blinds
35 menu languages
High resolution video output
Power save sleep mode
Optional: Battery with 5-6 hours continuous use w/led lights

Physical specifications
Folded unit dimensions (w x d x h): 14.96 x 18.3 x 5.9 inch / 380 x 464 x 150mm
Open unit dimensions (w x d x h): 14.96 x 18.6 x 14.57 inch / 380 x 473 x 370mm
Unit weight: 13lbs / 5900g
Unit weight w/optional battery: 13.89lbs / 6300g

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