Smartview Synergy SI

Smartview Synergy SI

Price: $795.00
Product Number:ST-USED-1512


Whether you’re dealing with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or any other low vision eye condition, the SmartView Synergy SI helps you see the world better, so you can maintain your independence.

The SmartView Synergy SI magnifies and enlarges text, objects and actions, delivering superior image quality with true, vivid colors. Its powerful camera reproduces 300% more pixels than conventional CCTVs to provide a visual experience that is three times clearer.

In addition, regardless of the material being viewed, the Synergy SI offers a wider field of vision to easily display a document’s full width.

Make every day better

The SmartView Synergy SI magnifies and enlarges text, objects and actions to help you with everyday tasks:

  • Read a good book, the latest magazine, or today's newspaper
  • Follow instructions on medications
  • Complete favorite crosswords and Sudoku puzzles
  • Relax with that long-time hobby
  • Keep up with family by viewing their latest photos
  • Read cookbooks to prepare great meals
  • Verify your bank and investment statements 

Sharpen the world all around you... in full-color

  • Optimal reading help with smoother, crisper images
  • Superior image quality even at low magnification that you can adjust in precise steps to match your needs
  • True reproduction of colors makes an extraordinary viewing experience
  • Quickly switch from full-color image to text in 16 enhanced contrast modes to enhance reading
  • High-brightness, distortion-free 22'' LCD monitor easily adjusts up and down, left and right, forward and back

Reading made smoother

  • Smooth, quiet movement in any direction makes it easy to follow text
  • Simple, easy-to-use brake locks the table in any position
  • Control lets you add additional friction for fine-tuned movement
Image of a conventional desktop unit display showing text Image of a SmartView Synergy SI display showing text

See your world bigger, better

Reclaiming your independence is in your hands. The easy-to-use, intuitive controls are conveniently located right under the SmartView Synergy SI's display. Just the press of a button keeps this tool completely under your control for easy viewing and reading.

  • Quickly switch from full-color image to text in enhanced contrast mode
  • Adjust the magnification in precise steps to match your needs

Images are easy on the eyes

Rediscover the full-color joy of family photos, images in books and much more. The SmartView Synergy SI is optimized to display a superior quality image no matter the material being viewed. From reading a magazine to viewing a color picture, checking a product’s ingredients or even applying nail varnish, everyday tasks just got a lot easier. 

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