Zoomax Mars HD
The Mars HD camera is seen next to an Apple monitor. The word 'HDMI' is next to them, along with the symbol for HDMI connection.

Zoomax Mars HD

Price: $2,290.00
Product Number:ST-MARSHD
Mars HD is the lightest and smallest portable electronic magnifier in the market for close, distant and self viewing and writing at home, school and office. It can be connected to monitor and computer very easily through HDMI and USB.Only takes seconds to fold and pack up!

Mars HD is fully equipped with the full functions is easy for students or people at work to change color, read line by line, find the point from the whiteboard writing, save it for latter study, and etc.

Taking the dynamic image processing technology and HD camera, Mars HD is an excellent low vision device for multi-angles viewing. Just rotate the camera head and body of Mars HD, you can read a book, view the whiteboard and do your make up with stunning image quality.

Mars HD can be quickly connected to a monitor, laptop and desktop computer for reading with both USB and HDMI connections. You can control all functions with both the control panel and computer keyboard while connecting to PC and Mac.  

Weighing less than 0.9kg and with a compact design, Mars HD is the lightest and smallest portable video magnifier and is ideal for the classroom, office and home. Fold and pack it up within seconds, then reading wherever you want! 

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