BlindShell Lite

Price: $249.00
Product Number:ST-CELL-LITE

BlindShell Classic LITE

The easiest and most accessible mobile phone for the blind and visually impared BlindShell CLASSIC LITE focuses on the most important functions which allow users to stay connected with family and friends.


  • Tactile Keyboard

  • Quick Dialing

  • Dedicated SOS button

  • Phone calls

  • SMS

  • Timer & Alarms & Stopwatch

  • Contacts

  • Missed events & Notes

  • Calendar & Calculator

Physical Keybord

This phone has physical keyboard! Big, well spaced tangible buttons. We wanted the BlindShell Classic to have a premium keypad, and we believe that we succeeded. Operating the phone is again as comfortable as it used to be before the smartphone era. It is hard to describe the feeling in words, one just has to try it!

The spacing between the keys makes orientation on the keypad very easy, so you will be able to distinguish between the keys right away. No need to fumble with your fingers around to find the right button. No need to be worried about pressing the wrong button either.

SOS emergency button

If you get to a situation where a quick help from someone else is needed, you can use the SOS emergency button. Pressing the button for at least 3 seconds will call your emergency contact. (This contact can be set whenever you want). The outgoing emergency call have to be confirmed by you, so you do not need to worry about making the call accidentally.



basic functions

Easy to read graphical home screen

Menu with easy to see icons




Quick dialing

Dedicated SOS button

productivity tools



Alarm clock


Stop watch

Basic calendar

other features

Detailed voice output settings

Selectable color schemes

Selectable font size

DTMF (tone dialing) and MMI codes

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