Humanware 'Reveal' a new CCTV!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 1/31/2019
The CCTV market is always competitive, with companies vying to bring out the next essential magnifier to assist people with vision loss. Humanware is one of the big players in the market, and currently has some of our favorite handhelds - the Explore 5 and the Explore 8. But can they bring the magic to the desktop CCTV market?

Used Assistive Technology Might be the Answer

Posted by Luke Scriven on 1/25/2019

Technology is a great asset to those who are blind or visually impaired, helping to give back independence where it may have seemed that there was no hope. The down side to this is that technology costs, and is unfortunately not covered by services such as Medicare and Medicaid. To help with this The Chicago Lighthouse offers used or ex-demo equipment at highly discounted prices!

The Effects of Macular Degeneration and What to do About it!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 1/17/2019
Age related eye diseases are the most common cause of visual impairment in America (, and macular degeneration is an eye disease which is particularly common among our patients at The Chicago Lighthouse. As macular degeneration is age related, you are more likely to experience it as you age, and as it is a degenerative condition the disease will get progressively worsen over time. So with that in mind, how does macular degeneration effect your vision, and what can you do about it? 

eSight Price Drop!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 1/10/2019
eSight has been a leader in bringing electronic wearable technology to people with a visual impairment, but their devices have always been out of reach for some because of their price. Now, with the low vision wearable market getting more competitive every day, eSight have risen to the challenge and made a huge cut to the price of their eSight 3 device!
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