Orcam MyEye 2.0 Featured on Steve Harvey!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 2/22/2019
We featured the Orcam MyEye 2.0 on this blog before, and loved its portability and great features, including OCR/TTS (the ability to read aloud printed text), facial recognition, bill identification, color identification, and product recognition. The best thing about this is that the device is less than the size of your finger, making it super portable and able to be used wherever you are. Want to read in your favorite chair? No problem! Want to go to a restaurant and read a menu? Easy! Want to go to a store and identify products? Done! Want to read in bed at night? You got it!

The Acrobat HD Ultra CCTV - Big Screen, Big Fun!

Posted by Luke Scriven on 2/5/2019
For reading when you're visually impaired a CCTV (electronic magnifier) can be an invaluable tool. Featuring cameras which project the image of what they're looking at onto a screen, CTVs are able to magnify things, change the color of them for better contrast, increase their brightness and sometimes even read text aloud to you! When it comers to CCTVs, the bigger the screen the better, as you can fit more text on a larger screen making it easier to read for longer. This is where the Acrobat HD Ultra stands out, with its huge 27" screen!
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