What's the Future of Vision Related Assistive Technology?

Posted by Luke Scriven on 4/22/2019
The world of assistive technology is consistently interesting because it is consistently changing. Just a few years ago, handheld and desktop electronic magnifiers reigned supreme, with the main differences being between the size of a screen, resolution of a camera, or inclusion of OCR/TTS. Since then there has been an explosion in wearable devices which was kicked off by eSight, and has recently seen the introduction of the NuEyes e2 and Zoomax's Acesight. Along with this, every year sees more and more people getting on board with the use of smartphones, which have apps often for free that can turn your device into a veritable Swiss army knife of low vision and blindness tools. 

So, this is where we are now - but what could be in store for us in the future? Join us as we speculate about what the future will bring...
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