Complete Braille Sudoku Set

Price: $60.00
Product Number:1698
A favorite game of numerical strategy, Sudoku, is now available for Blind and low vision players with this wooden playing board with Braille number tiles, and a Braille book with 100 Sudoku puzzle and solutions.

This set consists of a 9 inches x 9 inches wooden board that is divided into 9 individual indented squares that measure 3 inches by 3 inches each. The board is made of quality wood and its frame is approximately 10 inches square and it is 1/2 inch thick. Each Braille number peg is marked with a raised line at the top and an indent at the bottom to help you quickly orient it and insert it into the board so all of the Braille numbers can be read tactiley straight up and down. The board has peg holes for all eighty-one numbers, divided up into the required nine 3X3 separate squares. Also included is a drawstring bag containing oodles of Braille numbers with a peg at the bottom. Use these pegs to set up a new Sudoku puzzle, or fill in numbers as you work on it, all you do is insert the appropriate Braille number into the desired hole in your wooden playing grid. The entire game, pegs and board, weighs just under 2 pounds. Last, but not least, the Braille Book of 100 Sudoku puzzles and solutions.

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