Image of the Explore 12 in stand mode magnifying a book
Image of the Explore 12 in stand mode magnifying a book

Explore 12

Price: $1,495.00
Product Number:ST-HWARE-EXP12

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Explore 12 with Reading Stand

explore 12 Magnify your active lifestyle!

The explore 12 Portable Electronic Video Magnifier is the largest in the Explore line of portable video magnifiers.  Designed as an easy-to-use electronic magnifier that offers superb full high-definition image quality for improved near and distance viewing allowing you to do the things you want.

The 12-inch touch screen is the perfect magnifier for anyone who wants a larger interface for reading, writing, painting, drawing and so much more.  With its superior magnification range, this tablet-sized magnifier allows the continuation of everyday activities like reading and writing, viewing pictures and maps, and much more, just about anywhere

Great for Students

The explore 12 Portable Electronic Video Magnifier is not only easy to carry around and allows students to start their class without delay.  Take it out of the bag, switch it on and it’s ready to go.

Perfect for Seniors

With a lightweight design and 3.5-hour battery life, it’s an ideal companion for maintaining your active lifestyle wherever you are, at home or on the go. Explore 12 is not only easy to carry but also very simple to use. Just pull it out of your bag, turn it on and its ready when you are!

With live panning, you can zoom in and out then pan across a book to read more easily without having to move it and you can choose from many color enhancements to increase visual contrast at the touch of a button.

Stay Active and Engaged

With superior magnification range, the tablet-sized explore 12 allows you to continue everyday activities like reading, writing, painting, viewing photos or maps and much more.

Exceptional Design

Ergonomically well-placed buttons at the bottom edge also ensure easy zoom in and out, as well as access to desired visual settings customization.

When used with its portable, folding reading stand, explore 12 is stable and perfectly positioned with plenty of room to read, write, do self-grooming or perform other manual tasks.

With explore 12 youll enjoy reading all over again, even for long periods of time.

The Explore line of video magnifiers delivers the independence you desire to perform all your daily tasks and to engage with the world around you. With the explore 12 your eye condition wont keep you from enjoying the great moments of your life.

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